Jeff at the U.N.

What will I do for you?

Much of my legal training and work experience has dealt with corruption.
I pledge to investigate big cases (and under-the-radar malfeasance in government agencies).  My tenacity was noted in a front-page Washington Post story: “…essentially a one man organization…He issues fat reports…” If the Democrats gain the majority in the House, we will have subpoena power – which means nothing unless the American people elect dogged and innovative muckrakers.

We need to protect and extend the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which brings billions to the U.S. Treasury each year and, more importantly, creates a level playing field for ethical corporations.  President Trump has stated that he’d like to kill the FCPA (“a horrible law”).  His twisted logic: not being able to bribe puts American businesses at a disadvantage.

Weatherization = climate action + jobs.
This is an urgent issue and there is abundant “low-hanging fruit.”  Hundreds of rich institutions in the Northeast and Upper Midwest (many pay no taxes, but that’s another issue) should be required to do detailed energy audits and remediation plans.  Cornell University is a very positive example.

Congress needs to debate the future of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.
I was in Ghazni for 10 months in 2013 – side-by-side with our troops.  When John Kerry, then Secretary of State, visited Afghanistan, I told him about the murderous Haqqani network operating in our province; they’re worse than the Taliban because they corrupt local officials and warlords.  Smuggling is rife – partly because after a decade and tens of millions of dollars to the Mines Ministry, there is still no mining law!

In addition, I’ve lived 11 years in Muslim-majority countries and 30+ years before Saudi butchers flew the 9/11 jets, I called out American businesses (and PBS!) for 4-hour propaganda series which never mentioned the Kingdom’s noxious creed – exported to Pakistan for decades and now spreading hate in Indonesia.  I mailed a warning to every Social Studies teacher in America because the show’s well-funded PR agency had mailed them a “study guide” to accompany the series.

Decades before Americans realized that the Kurds were among our best friends in the strife-torn MidEast, I ran a project for Kurdish migrant agricultural workers in South Eastern Turkey.  Our documentary – like Edward R. Murrow’s Harvest of Shame – was broadcast to the entire nation.

My main value to Congress will be my intimate knowledge of the global economy.
Several times in January, President Donald Trump has crowed that the U.S. economy has never been so strong – never in such great shape, “and jobs are flooding back.”  Yet, there’s nothing on the horizon that suggests a reversal of 30+ years of growing income inequality.

How did we get here? Economists called it “a miracle.”
A miracle for Asia, that is.  But, really, a miracle?  You promise rapacious CEOs, Trump among them, a cheap and docile/repressed workforce and they beat a path to your country’s door.  That’s just naked self-interest!  (Read more)

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